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The Meyer's Mill Band 35 Year reunion began Friday, August 6, 2010 in Shellman Bluff, Georgia at The Mermaid Pavilion of the Kidd's coastal cottage. In attendance were:
  • Charlie Meyer, guitar and vocals
  • Russell McWilliams, guitar, harmonica, and vocals
  • Gary Hunnicutt, bass guitar and vocals
  • Chip Rogers, drums and occasional vocals
  • Ron Stenger, keyboards and vocals
  • Bill Kidd, guitar and vocals

Friday night was rehearsal....most of the band members had not played together in over 20 years. The heat was sweltering, but quick dips in the pool helped to cool everyone off. The band sounded great....the best band Shellman Bluff has heard in awhile. The funny thing is, after 4 years of music parties in The Mermaid Pavilion, Friday was the first time anyone had called the cops with a noise complaint. Even the cop had a good laugh over that one. No problem, though, the band kept playing.

Saturday evening everyone enjoyed a meal of Low Country Boil, prepared by Bill's daughter and son-in-law, then settled in for an evening of unforgettable entertainment. The first set was perfect and a little emotional....a slideshow of old photos played in the background (Allman Brothers concert style). As the first set ended, the rains came, but only lasted long enough for the band to take a break. The rest of the evening was filled with outstanding musicianship, vocals, and fan participation (lots of dancing).

All present agreed the band should reunite more often....maybe once a year.

Friday Rehearsal

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Friday Rehearsal

Saturday Dinner and Concert

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Saturday Dinner and  Concert

Guestbook for MMB Reunion
Carl Kamppi(non-registered)
Thanks for letting us enjoy the reunion with yall....It was a treat and would luv to see future performances!! Meyer's Mill Band Rocks!!
Gary Hunnicutt(non-registered)
Truly 'pro' photos. I am impressed! Thanks for the memories Kathy.
Russell McWilliams(non-registered)
All those wonderful photos made me cry tears of happiness...Kathy you have out done yourself...what a fantastic journey! Thank you so much!
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